Dominique Henson


Coach Domi started Cheerleading in 2011 when she joined the University of Manchester Cheerleading Team (UMC). She competed with them at various competitions whilst studying in Manchester, and also joined a local all-star team called Loud and Proud and competed at levels 3 and 4. Domi started coaching with Chiltern Cheetahs in 2014 when she returned home from studying for a Masters in Manchester. She became involved with Cheetahs through Jess, who she knew from going to Gymnastics together in High Wycombe from a young age.


Since 2014, Domi has gained coaching qualifications for levels 1 and 2, and took the level 3 course in late 2017. Over the years she has gained experience coaching the senior level 2 team, as well as tumble and development classes. This year she has taken on the lead coach for the large Junior level 1 team- Stealth this season. It has been a great opportunity and very rewarding to work with such a talented and enthusiastic team!


Domi has also stayed involved in cheerleading as an athlete herself, competing in both senior dance and cheer teams with Cheetahs over the last few years and working on her tumbles, whilst also working full-time in the NHS! She is very passionate and enthusiastic about cheerleading, and about the future for the programme and all of its athletes and dancers, and looks forward to supporting everyone to achieve their very best in the years to come.