0bd8d0ae-9748-413c-811d-eea8152ca8d1Training times:  Tuesdays 19.00-21:00 and Thursdays 17:30 – 19:30

Age Group: Under 14

Junior level 3

Competitions: FC Spotlight Showdown, Legacy Dream Extreme, Jamfest Europe and FC International Championships

Skill requirements: Round-off Tuck, Round-off Flick Tuck, Standing Back Handspring Series, Front Somersault Extended single leg skills, Twisting Entries and Dismounts, Twist Tosses.

Coaches: Jessica Goodall and Suzie Doyle

Team Placings:Momentum3

ICC Southerns 2016: 2nd Place

FC Adventure in Atlantis 2016: 2nd Place

FC Heart of England 2017: 2nd Place

Legacy Inspire Greatness 2017: 2nd Place

BCA Summer Showdown 2017: 4th Place

FC Internationals 2017: 4th Place

FC Heart of England 2018: 3rd Place

Legacy Dream Extreme 2018: 1st Place and GRAND CHAMPIONS

FC Nationals 2018: 1st Place 

FC Spotlight Showdown: 1st Place

Legacy Dream Extreme 2019: 1st Place

Jamfest 2019: 2nd Place and a bid to Summit 2020

FC Nationals 2019: 1st Place

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